Carvoyant - Data Plumbing for Connected Cars

In plain speak, Carvoyant provides the back end tools helping developers, marketers and businesses take advantage of connected car data opportunities.  To understand the possibilities of the connected car just recall how the cell phone morphed from just a phone to becoming a smart phone with almost as many apps as there are phones…cool.

Within that explosion of activity, Carvoyant’s core business is the collection of “APIs” simplifying outbound connected car data, not the hardware or data connections.

Carvoyant wants to help all data flow, so we’re the Switzerland of connected cars, neutral on the technology and revenue of “how” a vehicle got connected (we like Sweden, too, so go with that visual if it works for you). That allows Carvoyant to partner with the broadest range of partners for both new vehicle and aftermarket deployments. Existing deployments can bolt our platform on for additional options and revenue while new ones can dramatically jumpstart product cycles. Carvoyant Driver accounts are free and API pricing has the flexibility to fit your business model.

Your Car. Your Data. Your API.

The true value of connecting your car to your life doesn’t come in just one box.

“BIG DATA” is sooo sexy, but ultimately it’s about helping drivers connect with the right mix of apps, services and offers that make them satisfied. That data allure prompted one partner to connect the driver but then Carvoyant “cheats” by just letting drivers, well, drive the other integrations their data gets shared with. It’s the right thing to do, but also balances the business of the connecting partner with natural consumer behavior.

 Because every car should be a connected car…and every car owner should be a data owner.


Hundred of Millions of Cars! Trillions of Spending!

A little hyperbolic, but true.

Because connected car data offers unprecedented insight into massive spending, there’s a rush emerging in the market to help or compel drivers to connect. Carvoyant’s mission is to provide the picks & shovels so all the stakeholders can maximize that data: Connecting companies, developers, marketers, and drivers.

We’re pretty low key but this is big. Really big. Like “We need another boat” big.

Start in Minutes! Save Months!

Starting is quick & easy, but you still get the flexibility and control of the only neutral, open connected car development platform shipping today.

Step 1 – Create a Carvoyant Partner Account

Step 2 – Make friends with drivers and play with car data. To keep Step 2 easy, Carvoyant’s Sandbox Environment let’s you create Carvoyant Driver Accounts for all the “pretend” driver friends you want and the Trip Simulator let’s you spin up the data you need. No credit card required, playing with APIs in minutes!

When you app or service is ready to be friends with real drivers, Carvoyant can help you “Bring Your Own Cars” or reach out to those already connected, months faster than building your own infrastructure.

Check it Out

Carvoyant’s Platform-as-a-Service bridges the gap between companies connecting cars and the developers and marketers creating solutions to satisfy drivers. Carvoyant cuts months off the product cycle on both sides by abstracting the complexities of various technologies and silos of connected cars into easy APIs so our partners can ship, today!

Carvoyant focuses on normalizing the outbound data, so we can supplement both new vehicle and aftermarket connected car programs. Our vehicle & hardware neutral model bolt-ons to current efforts or makes the “hard stuff” easy enough for new efforts to come to market!


We applaud all the efforts being made to get cars more connected.  However, most of the efforts are being done in a way which limits the potential market penetration.  Meanwhile, Carvoyant allows a connected car application to be distributed to all vehicles built since 1996 – that’s over 240 million potential clients in the US alone!  We reduce the complexity of managing data flow from different vehicles, a variety of devices and multiple data carriers so you can focus on your application by using our API.



The connected car has the potential to be an extremely convenient ‘device’ in our lives.  Our cars all contain all kinds of relevant data that needs to be unleashed.  By using a ‘Carvoyant Enabled’ application you have the opportunity to control where your data flows and gain the maximum benefit.  The connected car is coming, and the good news is you do not need to wait until you buy a new car.  Carvoyant enables any car built since 1996 to be a connected car.

Connecting Partners

Carvoyant can be used by any business looking to offer their clients a connected car solution.   Business can use a connected car to enhance timely discount offers to customers or improve overall customer satisfaction.  In general, we find auto repair, auto sales, auto insurance, location based retail and fuel to be the first to engage a connected car solution.  These industries are looking to provide a more refined offer based on the data consumers share from their vehicles.

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