Carvoyant History and Team

How It All Started

One day, our CEO’s wife asked a simple question, “Could you fix this check engine light which is always on in my car?” Naturally, his answer was, “Yes, dear.” However, what he quickly realized was there were very few options to actually FIX the problem. There were many places to go to find out what the check engine light meant, or why it turned on, however, he needed to find a way to get the car repaired.

After testing bluetooth to mobile app integrations, launching a self-starter program and piloting a limited set of features our team realized to true point of pain in connnected development is helping developers easily integrate their applications with vehicles.  Today, Carvoyant helps anyone interested in connected cars get up an running in days and provides the all too important ongoing support to ensure their applications continue to function.

The Management Team

Bret Tobey

Recently he provided strategic product management and business development for the world’s largest security hardware manufacturer, ASSA ABLOY. His work there led to the initial architecture and business model for Carvoyant. Reaching back to his involvement with the first Internet load of VISA backed cash value to a smart card (1998), he has an extensive background with large scale transaction systems. He has also managed the strategy and development of numerous products with combined software and hardware elements such as this touch screen lockset. He is a father of four and an avid sailor.

He earned a BA degree in English from the University of Florida.

When Not At Work Bret Can Be Found*

*excluding tech activities and like all startup folks, we’re doing many things at once

  • Sailing 50%
  • Chasing Kids 80%
  • Grilling Meat 10%
  • Brewing Beer 25%

Renz Kuipers

He spent eight years as a commercial banker with Bank of America and US Bank providing debt financing and cash management services to middle market companies in Tampa Bay and Los Angeles. After tiring of helping other people build their businesses, he branched out to launch his own company, SGV Medical Supplies. He spent the past seven years learning, managing, and building a national ostomy supply business from the ground up. He sold the company mid 2011. Renz has primary responsibility for business development, sales and, finance. He is a father of two and an avid cyclist.

He earned an MBA from the University of Tampa, and BBA from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI.

When Not at Work Renz Can Be Found*

*excluding tech activities and like all startup folks, we’re doing many things at once

  • Cycling 85%
  • Kicking Soccer Balls with his Kids 40%
  • At the Beach 70%
  • Digging Ditches 0%

Matt Galvin

He executes product development and oversees internal technology infrastructure. Prior to Carvoyant he served as the enterprise architect for a company providing background checks to a range of industries. His past experience includes e-commerce startups. He was actively looking for startup opportunities. A Gazelle Lab mentor introduced Matt to Carvoyant and his system development background nicely complimented Bret’s product design and channel development vision. He is a father of two and an avid diver as well as underwater photographer.

He earned a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of South Florida.

When Not at Work Matt Can Be Found*

*excluding tech activities and like all startup folks, we’re doing many things at once

  • Training for a Triathlon 80%
  • Ambushing His Kids with Nerf Guns 35%
  • Looking for Pumpkin Beers 50%
  • Drinking Said Pumpkin Beers 75%