Get in front of consumers the MOMENT their car tells you what they need

Historically, reaching out to consumers was guess work to understand what consumers needed to buy and when.  Over time marketers began buying data to refine their offers to fit demographic information.  Today, in the blossoming era of the Internet of Things, the machines consumers own can tell us exactly what is needed and when.

Connected car data tells the repair industry when a vehicle needs service – the moment it happens.  Connected car data tells an insurer how a driver actually drives and if they are eligible for a better priced policy.  Connected car data tells gas stations if a vehicle is low on gas.  If a vehicle has not been to the grocery store for a while, than it may be time to make an offer.

Do you want better insight to consumer needs?  The connected car is your step into having things tell you what a consumer needs – and when!

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Have something consumers need, but you don’t know exactly when they need it?  Connected car data could be your solution to understanding the timing of their need and your offer.

Automobiles have been a locker of consumer consumption data for years.  They take us where we go and drive their own consumption needs.  Carvoyant unlocks this data storage, and with consumer opt-in, you can access this today!

Provide the most relevant, timely and actionable offer the consumer has ever seen by using Carvoyant Event Based Data – today.