It's Time to Get Your Car Connected to the Rest of Your Life

You know how connected your smartphone is? We think it’s time to make the thing that makes you mobile to be as connected! This means your car will be engaged with many other parts of your life to help you know more, be safer and save money.

A connected car will let you know what service needs to be done, when a battery is draining, if your family member is driving unsafely or even if the parking meter needs to be refilled – the car will do it for you.

Consumers can buy direct from Carvoyant, however, we prefer to align a consumer with a connecting partner. These connecting partners are repair shops, car dealers, insurance companies and others with a vested interest in improving how they communicate with consumers. These companies are willing to provide a connected car experience to consumers, through Carvoyant, so they can better provide the consumer with what they need when they need it. We think all consumers should take advantage of this by leveraging their data – it’s Your Car, Your Data, Your Control!

You can buy a device from Carvoyant and set up your account.  We will keep you updated as our clients’ applications become available for you to purchase and bring more functionality to your connected car.

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Feel empowered! Know your car’s problems and its solutions instantly. Your friends will think you’re the expert!

Predict the future! Keep your car’s maintenance in check to ensure a safer ride with no unexpected problems ahead.

Avoid parking tickets, reset your thermostat, tell the grocery store to give you a coupon because you are driving by tomorrow.