We are pleased to share that we finished getting our connected car platform working with our SmartThings connected office.  We shared this with the ST community and now want to share this with you.

SmartThings enables consumers to connect, manage, and monitor their homes via their smartphones using the SmartThings mobile app for iOS and Android. Inside the home, the SmartThings Hub can be paired with a variety of SmartThings’ branded sensors as well as third party connected devices. The Hub is sold on a stand-alone basis or as part of several starter smart home kits. These kits include the hub and a number of sensors and controllable devices focused around basic home security and home automation.

We decided to see if we can get the car to be connected to the home through SmartThings.  By doing this we are able to get lights to flicker if someone in our office is speeding or if the boss is arriving, and confirm doors are locked when the last car pulls out of the parking lot.

Our write up, and links to source files on github, are here:

If you already have a Carvoyant connected car this will work with your car just the way it is, you just need to create a Carvoyant developer account. If you just want to see how it all works, you can use our sandbox environment to test out the integration and simulate vehicle data.

We have an exciting year ahead of us in 2015 enabling businesses to engage with connected  vehicles for a variety of beneficial reasons.  These are happening right now as you read this and we look forward to sharing more partnerships as these go live throughout the year.

If you do not have a Carvoyant account, click here to buy a device and set up an account.

If you would like to purchase a SmartThings hub, click here to buy one.