heat map2


Oh the places we go in our cars!  There is a wealth of interesting data being unlocked via the connected car.  As an industry we are still in the infancy of this unlocking process, but let’s take a moment to reflect on some of this data.

The connected car is, in essence, going to “unlock” the data currently stowed away in vehicles. Most people seem to understand connected car data means automotive service needs, fuel needs, as well as driving habits.  But there is a lot more. The heat map above shows the last 1000 waypoints for one of Carvoyant’s vehicle volunteers. Having a driver share this kind of information could be very helpful in crafting an enticing offer to land their business – plus saving the driver time and money. With the above map, a retailer could craft an offer knowing a driver passes their location on a regular basis.  The retailer could even provide a convenient time for the driver to stop by and pick up the purchase.

More importantly, if you operate a business that provides a product, or has people, carted around in vehicles you always need more insight into your operations.  Connected car data could unlock efficiencies not currently visible.

Think about it, would getting in one more sales call, or making one more delivery, be worth more than $10/month?  Connected car data is the ticket to unlocking this value and others are doing it right now.

Visit Carvoyant’s developer portal today to begin understanding how to extract this data from your vehicles today!