is a secure Cloud based platform for implementing the back-end of IoT applications. It provides developers and development teams with a web IDE that integrates with code repositories, and a wide range of native APIs, SDKs and connectors that dramatically simplify development and reduce time to market. also takes care of your application’s infrastructure needs such as security, scalability and reliability. In addition, developers can get access to enterprise connectors through‘s partners such as
With, one does not need to handle hosting, deployment, management and upgrade of servers such as application containers, database servers or libraries to integrate with social networks and other web services. When a product goes to production and one needs quick reliable scaling, a developer does not have to figure-out server architecture, scalability strategies, fault-tolerance, etc.

Developers only concentrate on improving the business logic needed to power the project while makes sure that everything else is running smoothly for them. recently created a connector on their platofrm that allows developers to integrate (through Caroyant’s API) a Carvoyant enabled connected car into one’s application.

See more details on Scriptr’s blog. posted a Carvoyant integration HERE on GitHub.